Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere was grounded in 1881 and today it is one of the leading producers in Europe of grease proof and wet strength qualities for the food industry.


About 35.000 tons.

Paper machines

PM 1 – 225 cm. Produces offset and imitated
Craft paper of recycled fibres, 50-150 g/m².

PM 2 – 220 cm. Produces grease proof/wet strength paper, 32-100 g/m².

PM 4 – 225 cm. Produces flower paper and imitated Craft, 22-50 g/m².


Pergo Star
High grease proof paper, Tappi 1800

Grease proof paper, Tappi 60

Hydro Star
Water repellent paper

Decu Star
Flower paper

T 100
Chlorine and acidfree silk paper

Offset paper made from recycled fibres

Imitated Craft paper made from recycled fibres

Exposure paper
Imitated craft paper for the car spraying


ISO 9001.