Papierfabriek Kriebstein was founded in 1856 and produces today 100 % recycling paper.  After having produced news papers for a number of years Kriebstein invested in a online coated in 2001 so that they can produce film coated offset paper (FCO) today. By the end of 2005 they expect that 90 % of the capacity will be filled out by FCO.

Paper machine

Kriebstein has a paper machine with a wire width of 3,92 m.


75.000 tons.


Kriebcoat Premium Gloss/Silk
(whiteness 78) 54-100 g/m²
Kriebcoat Superior Gloss/Silk
(whiteness 83) 54-100 g/m²
Kriebcoat Superior Coldset
(whiteness 83) 52-100 g/m²


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