Corrugated Cardboard

White, natural and coloured micro corrugated cardboard with a straight wave, 1,3 mm thick 280 g/m². The quality is coloured on both sides. Size: 50 x 70


Clean colours
Number of sheets per ack: 10
Number of sheets per roll: 1


Number of sheets per pack:


Assortment packages
10 assorted colours, size 50 x 70 cm

Item no. PB 3000
5 sheets per colour, in total 50 sheets.

Item no. PB 3003
1 sheet per colour, in total 10 sheets

8 assorted colours, size 25 x 35 cm

Item no. PB 3004
1 sheet white, christmas green, sun yellow, royal blue, christmas red and black, 2 sheets of silver and gold, in total 10 sheets.

Each pack has a bar code.