The Elite quality - a luxury experience


INACOPIA Elite in 80 g/m2 is a perfect quality of copying paper. An unique quality, which guarantees perfect results regardless of machine types at black/white or colour printing. 

The quality is produced from the evergreen paper fiber - eucalyptus, which with its good abilities not only is a signal of clear envrironment consciousness, however, also gives the users an "elite" paper quality, which due to a very high whiteness (ISO 171), a high bulk and an even surface secures that all documents shall be presented in the best possible way day after day.


The INACOPIA Elite paper is delivered in a very nice wrapping, in printed INACOPIA reams and boxes.


We hold the INACOPIA Elite paper in stock in 80 g/m² and 90 g/m2 (INACOPIA Color) in the sizes A4 and A3.


  • FSC certified
  • EU-Flower
  • ISO 9706
  • Quality certified: ISO 9001:2000
  • Environment certified: ISO 14001:1996
  • Health and security certified: OHSAS 18001

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