Perfect A paper quality for all machines.

INACOPIA Office 80

INACOPIA Office 80 is the perfect paper quality for high volume copy and printing. The quality has been designed to run without any problems and optimized toner reproduction.

The quality is produced from the evergreen paper fiber - eucalyptus - which with its abilities not only makes a signal of clear environmental consciousness but also gives the users an A quality, that with a high whiteness (CIE160) and high bulk present the documents of the companies in a very attractive way. Secures coying and printing every day, day after day.


The INACOPIA Office 80 paper is delivered in a very nice INACOPIA wrapping, packed per 500 sheets and further in printed boxes. 


We hold the INACOPIA Office 80 paper in stock in 80 g/m² in the sizes A4, A4 punched w/4 holes as well as A3.


  • FSC certified
  • ISO 9706
  • Quality certified: ISO 9001 : 2000
  • Environment certified: ISO 14001 : 1996
  • Health and security certified: OHSAS 18001

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