Special copy paper for 4-colour copying

Today a lot of copy paper qualities can be used for laser, monochrom, ink-jet and 4-colour copying, however, not with the same result.

Clairefontaine has developed a special quality for laser 4 colour print and digital copying, specially treated, with a silk glazed and ultra even surface and with the highest whiteness (CIE 170). The quality gives the maximum result in 4-colour reproductions.


DCP is delivered in printed ream wrapping and boxes.


DCP can be delivered in 90, 100, 120, 160, 190, 210, 250, 280, 300 and 350 g/m² in the sizes A4, A3, A3+ (45,7x30,5 cm) as well as A3++ (45,0x32,0 cm) 

Size 45,0 x 64,0 cm can be delivered from mill stock.

The quality is also in the color Ivory, and can be delivered from mill stock.


In spite of the high whiteness of DCP the quality is poor of chlorine (ECF). ISO 14001.

FSC certified.